Center for Digital Technology

Center for Digital Technology,  a unit of Lala Bahadur Chand Munjal Foundation (LBCMF) provides children with Digital Programming, Coding & Artificial Intelligence skills they learn easily, in a hands on experiential manner and apply immediately to code and control Robots, Smart Homes, Internet of Things and other emerging technologies of life in 21st century

CDT is a one stop provider of integrated solutions with hardware, software & certification courses for students.

No Prerequisites

Scratch based coding making it ideal for beginners with little to no coding experience

Live Tutoring Sessions

Hands-on sessions conducted by experts for concept clearing and doubt solving

Quizzes and Assignments

Periodic assessment tools to a ensure thorough understanding and retention of concepts

Course Completion Certificate

Proof of successfully completing the course for showcasing newly-gained skills

What will your child learn?



Get your self started by diving in the world of electronics and get an hands-on-learning of the electronics components.



Learn how to code games, make animation and write scripts to control robots from Scratch.


Make your first robot, or make other endless robots follow your commands using evive Starter Kit.

At Home Learning

At Home Learning

Learn Robotics, and AI real-life applications at home.



Get your self updated with the latest technology using the evive IoT Kit and get your own automated systems ready.


Artificial Intelligence

Enhance your skills and make your the world a better place using PictoBlox.


3D Printing

Learn 3D printing from all the way to unboxing your 3D printer, to setting up the printer, from designing your structure to printing it.


Robotic Arm

Get an hands-on-experience on industrial robots by assembling, programming and controlling with the 5DoF Robotic Arm Kit.


Humanoid Robot

Learning to make and control the Humanoid Robot will be the coolest thing you have ever learned.

Our Programs

Programming Course

Coding and AI Course

Hardware Course

Video Testimonials of our Students


Our Technology Partner

Center of Digital Technology has extended hands with STEMpedia to start the STEM revolution. STEMpedia provides Center of Digital Technology with all the STEM resources from hardware to software to the curriculum.

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